Saturday, September 1, 2012

Key: Love your Life!

I've really found my groove.
And even though nothing has really changed, I have will power!

Dear Will Power:
Where did you come from?
Where were you all this time?
PS. You're late!

The only thing I can figure is that I have finally started to love my life again!
I've been in limbo, with no real direction for so long,
and now, Life is Beginning!

First, I've started piano lessons!
For myself!
(I must clarify this to everyone I say this too, because they automatically assume that I've enrolled my children. Nope. I'm the one in lessons!)
I played piano from the age of 5 until about 13.
Then I gave up in lieu of guitar.
Of course, I wanted to be "That cool guitar chick".
I still play. Both.
But my piano is terribly rusty. (Oh, okay, so is my guitar playing.)
But now, I'm in LOVE!
Piano is awesome.

Second, I'm getting accredited to teach swimming lessons!
I spent all day at Goodna Aquatic Centre with Brad the instructor and 11 other soon-to-be swim teachers.
Back again tomorrow.
Two and a half hours in the pool today.
Talk about wrinkly hands and dry skin! *Note to self: invest in really good skin lotion!*
I couldn't stop smiling all day, and still can't stop!
I LOVE my life!
While other people are going back to work, study, or being a house wife,
I will be spending my days in the pool!
Such is the Brisbane lifestyle :)

Consequently, I'm eager to get fit!
I easily....
AHEM... not-so-easily
resisted the urge for fast food on the way home.
Then I resisted the urge for an unnecessary snack.
And even though I was starving come dinner time, I ate slowly and sensibly!
And stopped when I should.

I impress myself :)

Third, it's Spring!
I have been happily attending to my garden.
This is the year I change my gardening priorities.
Instead of 85% veg, 15% flowers,
This year it's 50/50.
Because while growing and eating veg brings nutrition and excitement,
my flowers bring me unmeasurable joy!

And lastly, I've found a new jogging partner!
My 10-year old son.
We did a 5km fun-run last year - a year ago tomorrow.
The annual Bridge to Brisbane is here, and I never even thought about it :(
I asked my son if he wants to start training for another 5k...
He's excited!

As of Monday we have a beginners schedule:

Monday morning.
Wednesday evening.
Saturday morning.

3 days, a simple-to-stick-to plan.
No excuses.

I am officially fighting for my health.

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