Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Turning Point

This morning, I've found my last chance.
Still rising on the scale, I saw photo's of myself this weekend.
I recognise that face - from 1999.
That was when I weighed 185lbs.
The same as I weigh today.
I have looked back on pictures from 1999, and I've said repeatedly to myself,
How could I have let myself get that big?
And now, here I am.
I've let go,
and here I am.

This morning I have to work,
but I had an extra hour.
I had a sinfully yummy dessert in the fridge from the weekend.
"Old" (aka. current) thinking told me "I'll just have some of that for breakfast, even though it's not a breakfast food, that's what I want. Yum!"
I fought that awful thought with all my might.
I eventually had victory.
I ate 2 slices of plain toast (no butter ;)
1 1/2 eggs (1 whole, + egg white)
1/3 cup baked beans (an Aussie breakfast - took 5 years, but I'm used to it now)
Seasoned with chives and tobasco sauce ;)
295 Calories.

I don't care how hard it is, I will fight with all my might for a clean week.
Even if I find myself in a situation where we're at a restaurant,
I'll first, make good choices.
Second, I'll stop eating, NOT when I'm full, but when I'm no longer hungry.
I'll slowly chew my food, and drink lots of water.
I'm confident that this is my turning point.

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