Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Difficult Tattoo

I just finished my Week 2, Day 1 C25K!
I was born for running.
I did enjoy the gym, but to be honest, it did become a chore.
But each and every time I decide to run - I find Joy!
I can't help but smile at friendly faces, blossoming Spring trees, and the gently breeze along the Brisbane River.
I can't help but feel

I've also decided that I will be successful in my weight-loss effort, if I put just as much time in my life, if not more, for God.
I refuse to make this about more "me-time".
I love Christ, and He deserves to have me-time too.
So, I've been reading my Bible nightly.
I started going to church again.
I've been giving my kids bible study & conversation time each morning.
And I've been contemplating the design of my new tattoo.
Yes, that's right - Tattoo.

"Everything is difficult before it gets easy."

This quote certainly pertains to running.
And also to this tattoo!
This tattoo is proving to be more difficult than it should be.
I've wanted another one for a very long time - 10 years in fact.
But it has to be just right, meaningful, and beautiful.
I only have one card-sized one, a flower, on my ankle.
It was pain that was difficult to bear.
But I do love it - even 11 years on, still love it.
And I figure, nothing compares to the pain Christ bore for me.
I can do this.

This tattoo will be on my back left shoulder.
Over my heart (on my back).
For a long time I had my heart set on a tree design.
A tree with deep roots.
Rooted in Christ "planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers." - Psalm 1:3.

I was nervous about this tattoo idea, because it would have to be perfectly drawn - beautiful.
It would imagine that a tree would be rather difficult to make beautiful.
I'd imagine it being described more as "pokey" and "stick-like", rather than "beautiful".
 I kept thinking, and praying.

This week, I've come across a better idea.

I've always wanted this tattoo to be large, and a testimony for Christ.
How about a bible verse...
But which one?
I searched them all...
Google image search for "Bible verse tattoo"
But in the end, it was God who lead me to the right verse during a late night Bible flick.

I know that my Redeemer lives. Job 19:25

I'll find a fancy font, and add some artistic flavour with a Cross and perhaps a flower.
Or a flower-y Cross.

I'll let you know!

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