Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to the Gym! Hello 5:20am!

I've been planning for a few weeks to sign back on to my Gym.
I miss Pump, Balance & Yoga!
I don't miss cycle, but I know it's good for me :P

I don't want to waste my money, so I've proven this week, just to myself, that I can exercise regularly, 4 work-outs last week :)
So I signed back on today!
First class is tomorrow, 5:45 am - Body Pump :)
Alarm set at 5:20. It's ON!
I'll take the class ridiculously easy, so I can keep going back to the gym this week.
The first Pump class I took, musta been 2-3 years ago, I pushed myself...
As I always am inclined to do.
But then wasn't able to walk for 5 days, let alone continue with gym sessions.
That's not what I want.
I want to go every day. Yup.

Here's my Plan A Gym schedule:

M- 12:15 Yoga (possible 6am cycle)
T- 12:15 Body Pump (considering doing 5:45am regularly.... not convinced it's such a good idea yet...)
W- 10:15 Body Balance (possible 5:45am cycle)
Th- 9:15 Body Pump
F - 6:00am Cycle or Treadmill
Sat - Outdoor running, 5km training
Sun - REST

6 days a week :)

Filling out forms at the gym, and one question asked,
"Why have you decided to become a member?"
New Year Resolution!
And of course, Tough Mudder... HA! We'll see...
Let me get a 5k under my belt first.

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