Monday, January 14, 2013

Pressure for Young Women to be Thin

So, I had my first Gym session this morning.
5:45 Pump. So happy I went.
But as I looked around at the crowd, I felt sad.
Remembering back to 12+ months ago, the last time I went to the gym,
I remember a crowd of
young people,
older people,
some in their 70's!
thin people,
curvy people,
heavier people,
very heavy people,
all sorts,
all ages!
This morning, all I saw was healthy, thin, young women.
I was happy to think they were all there because they wanted a stronger body...
but I couldn't help but think of the possibility that all these girls feel deep pressure to stay thin.
There were a handful of girls with curves, they looked good.
But there were also girls, most of them, with no curves at all... stick thin.
They were all thin, or at a healthy weight, already...
Did they feel pressure to stay thin?
Does society want them thinner?
Do they think society wants them thinner?
Are they so afraid of curves that they fight them back?
I was the only person "over" 30 (I'm 30 exactly, don't need to be reminded)
and certainly the only person who has let herself get ugly fat.

I just have to find my optimism and hope that these women are just
normal beautiful girls who love to feel strong.
I hope...

Because that's what I want for me.
And curves.
If I ever start to lose these curves - do me a favour and remind me they're beautiful :)

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