Monday, January 21, 2013

My old videos are helpful! Who knew?

I got a little stuck on YouTube this morning...
Which, I guess, is okay considering I have Doctor's orders to rest for a couple days.
(I had a minor procedure done, but there was a complication, means risk of infection.
So I'm taking it easy (not that I mind :)
But back to YouTube...
After a bit of wasting time,
I thought to look back into my own video's I uploaded over the last couple years.
Wow, that was not a waste of time.
It makes me glad I made the vid's in the first place!
In fact, I think it's important, for my own well-being, that I continue!
I'll be uploading a new one this week.
I find it so helpful to see where I've been, to clear the way for where I'm headed.
For example: I forgot about diet's I had tried, and had success on!
I was in the middle of a good diet that worked for me, when I switched to Michelle Bridges 12wbt, which was the beginning of the end.
Her plan works for some people, I know, but for me, it was unrealistic.
It messed up my values, my focus, and messed up my confidence.

But today, after listening to my old videos, I think I know what I need to do now.

What works for me:
Gym. As long as I can be consistent.
If I find it's not possible to go to they gym, Plan B is a DVD.
This works for me!
It helps with my depression.
It creates energy.
It motivates me to eat more healthy -  and in fact:
I am less hungry when I work out!
What works for me:
Calorie Counting. As long as I can be consistent.
I don't like calorie counting, but it works!
Plus it is easier with MyFitnessPal ap on my Iphone.
What works for me:
Smoothies & Tea
If I have a chocolate or vanilla protein smoothie, or a Chai tea, this always curbs my cravings for dessert.
I can watch my children eating ice cream and chocolate, but I can resist the temptation because I know I can wait for my healthy but delicious alternative.
It works!
What works for me:
Fast-5 IF.
Watching my old videos, I realise that Michelle Bridges doesn't work for me.
As most (if not all) major diet plans, it teaches you to eat small meals, eat all day long.
But common sense says that eating all day long makes you think about food all day long.
I love food.
I fantasize about food.
Eating all day long means I'll fantasize all day,
planning for my next meal, every 2-3 hours.
So I need to have boundaries set so I can stop and think about what I'm doing.

With that said, here's my diet plan - which I "stole" from my September 2011 self.

First of all, in everything, pray and ask God for help.
He's in control and I trust Him to guide me well.

Sunday - Thursday I will follow a Fast-5 window, eating only from 1-6pm.
That's two meals, lunch and dinner.
My goal on these days will be to net 12-1300 calories.
Net Calories means if I exercise 300 calories off, I can eat 15-1600.

Friday & Saturday - my "trouble" days - I'll only calorie count, 1700 net max.

Simple. Starting today.

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  1. Rereading my blog is how I remind myself how to be successful, too! Hope you are completely recovered soon! Glad you rediscovered what works for you and ready to get to it!